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Richard Trevino II - Speaker and Consultant
Richard Trevino II

Have you ever worked at a place where people were just treated like a number and the mindset of the management was "if a worker isn't performing, REPLACE THEM!!

Ever had to work in a place that made you feel sick to have to go to the office because the company culture was horrible?

I too have endured my fair share of painful places to work and in spite of the terrible environment, I implimented 5 powerful principles while I was there that completely changed my situation and began to change the culture around me for the better. I want to share those 5 principles to help you as well, but first, tell me if this sounds familiar?

High turnover, nobody happy, constant arguements in the office, morale low, everyone only worrying about themselves, low pay checks, high stress... total chaos? 

Sounds all too familiar, doesn't it? This is what happens when problematic situations in the workplace go unchecked and focus on personal and professional development is not maintained in the workplace. 

I was working at my job of 12 years in the financial world and was managing a team of insurance professionals, making great money. We had gotten to a point that most considered successful but it had taken a while to get there. 

The turnover rates were through the roof, pay checks were down all around the office, and yet my team and I were comfortably thriving. Amidst all of the negativity I managed to keep my team focused on these things to not lose momentum:

1. keep your eyes on me
2. keep your ears on what I'm telling you
3. do not get involved with negative people
4. do the work
5. we celebrate the win and plan the next goal

Through my leadership, I had many move into management roles, receive multiple awards for top producers, as did I; but in the end, I ended hurting my back and had to have a back surgery, two hernia surgeries, multiple injections, and multiple nerve ablations. It has been a long road to recovery but I believe everything happens for a reason. 

I faced some major challenges during my recovery process. I questioned my path, my past, my future, my choices. That same feeling I had always felt, that there was MORE I was supposed to be doing... that I was supposed to be helping MORE people, continued pressing on me. I was let go from the company because of my health issue and now had to make a serious decision: What was I going to do with that deep resounding feeling within me that said there was MORE? 

I got clear about my direction and what I was going to do to help as many people as possible with the wealth of knowledge and skillset that I had; so I started my company, Elevation Consulting Firm.

About Richard Trevino

What I Do

I help business owners, CEO's, and upper management of companies grow their profits by growing their people, utlizing proven business strategies and expereince in business and creating winning teams. 

I hate to see teams suffer and be stuck in a rut, and the management team not know exactly what the issues are, so I constructed and utilize a tool called the Employee Disclosure Sheet, to help management teams find out the real problems within their operation so they can address them constructively. You can get a copy of it to utilize in your office by signing up for my newsletter. 

I love adding value to companies and their people by giving the practical and tangible takeaways they can apply immediately so I consult and coach executives, business owners, and companies on personal developent topics such as: Productivity, Goal Setting, Planning, Leadership, Company Culture, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Everyone always walks away not only inspired, but with a clear plan of action. 

I Believe...

​​​​​​​People want to do well in whatever business they are in, but a lot of times they don't know what to do. And even then, sometimes we know what to do, but lack the inspiration to just do the work. 

I have been classified an an INSPIRATIONAL CONSULTANT, because of the manner in which I impart knowledge with my audience. I believe that I can help you and your people take what you know, learn some new techniques, and fire you up to go forth and DO! Do what? Do the work that you were called to do.

If you are like the majority of us, that need inspirational content, but also practical tips, feel free to follow me on any of my social media channels. I provide free content on a regular basis. 

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